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We are an Indianapolis model & talent agency for print, runway, fashion and event modeling, as well as advertising & event acting. Since 1994, we have been Indiana's Source for Talent.

We provide jobs for men, women & kids in Indianapolis and Indiana.

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04/21/18 - Someone asked if we were going to offer "voice over" work. In a market like Indianapolis, there's no legitimate need or demand for this type of talent. We're going to stick with things that are realistic in Indiana and leave the make-believe work to others. So, no, we won't won't likely offer voice over talent anytime soon.

04/16/18 - We've been shooting roster model portfolios in Indy for 24 years. This is the latest-arriving spring we can remember. Keep the faith....there will be a warm day, soon!

04/15/18 - We may be the last business on Earth to drop their fax line. It's gone!

04/13/18 - A popular scam with some "agencies" is to tell one of their "roster" models that they need them to shoot an ad for company X's clothing. They bring in the model, shoot him/her in some garment from company X, and make it look like a real booking. The problem X has never heard of the agency, has nothing to do with the effort, and certainly isn't paying anything. The work isn't going to appear anywhere and the model doesn't make a dime. It's a fantasy, created by the "agency", to look like they actually have work. We call that a scam.

04/12/18 - The busy summer season is about to start! Are you a college student looking for something to do? We are very busy and always need new faces!

04/06/18 - If an "agency" mentions the word "Hollywood", talks about you being in movies, says they are "connected" to New York or California "talent agents", wants to enroll you in a "school" or "classes", tells you they have helped, or know, movie "actors", uses the word "international", or tells you they are going to make you famous outside of your hometown, AVOID them. It's all a clever marketing scam and all they want is your money.

04/03/18 - April & May are really busy months for us! If you have ever thought of joining an agency, now is the time to find out if we're looking for you!

03/31/18 - If an "agency" posts pics of someone on their website, or on FB, who is involved in a supposed movie or something, and call them "their talent", but they have never actually met this person and only know of their existence via a contact swapping service (for a fee), is that ethical? We call it a SCAM.

03/29/18 - There is more info available on the website regarding our new acting division!

03/26/18 - It won't be long now until the new Acting side of the website launches. Watch for it!

03/20/18 - With all the scams that are out there these days, we thought it would be a good idea to say something yet again that we tend to preach....."all modeling is local." What does that mean? It means that the scammers who have offices in many cities across America are, without exception, scammers! All modeling is local. Avoid their well-practiced marketing scam and find an agency in your hometown. One that is ONLY in your hometown.

03/13/18 - "Can I make my living in Indianapolis doing nothing but modeling?" It's a question we hear a lot. The quick answer But, as with most things, it comes with an asterisk. It really depends on how you define "making a living." If you're paying a rent/mortgage, car payment, college loan payment, etc., you might pay them some months solely by modeling work in Indy but definitely not every month. But....if your monthly expenses are a smaller mountain then, yes, it's possible to break even consistently doing just modeling work in Indianapolis. For most, the answer is still no.

03/09/18 - There seems to be a basic misunderstanding among most Midwestern "agencies" regarding what "modeling" is in our region. To be a model in Indiana, one first has to understand what that means. If you want to be a New York model, or a New York model agency, you need to be in New York. A large part of our success is understanding what modeling is in Indiana (or, maybe more importantly, what it is not.)

03/07/18 - Our website build for actors is almost ready. Stay tuned!

03/04/18 - A common question is about height. Prospective models (especially female) often call or write to ask "I'm short. Is there a place for me?" In a market like Indianapolis, the answer is a big yes! There are a few legitimate times when height is a factor in an Indy booking (a bridal show is a good example) but, mostly, it makes zero difference. In our history, our top money earner is 5'2".

03/03/18 - Today's question is about "workshops." You can dress it up many ways but the bottom line is it's a gathering for which the audience pays some amount of money to listen to someone who supposedly knows more about a particular topic than do they. What the audience gets out of it is questionable but the "host" does so to make money. In 24 years, we have hosted 3 of these (which is probably 3 more than we should have.)

02/28/18 - We recently had a question about composite cards. Someone wanted to know if printed composites are still used? There's no 100% answer but, in the Indianapolis market, the answer is mostly no. Virtually all agencies these days deal in composite files that can be sent by email. Be leery if someone wants you to pay to have printed composite cards made. They're obsolete & mostly useless.

02/25/18 - Someone asked: "why don't you book actors as well as models?" actors and models! Stay tuned :)

02/24/18 - Today's topic is teen models. Can teenagers be successful models? Yes! However, before you can have a successful teen model, you need a willing/able teen parent. Every time a teen model has to be somewhere (photo shoot, go-see, job, etc.), so does at least one parent. It's not easy. We book more teens than anyone in the Midwest and the #1 headache isn't getting the teen out of school but, rather, getting mom/dad out of work, etc. It takes a parent who is 100% committed to being a "model parent." See some of our teen models here:

02/24/18 - Someone suggested we should create a blog about modeling and talk about the industry and how to be a part of it. OK....we will! Return here often to read our fits of wisdom :)